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22 May, 2015


Afternoon :)

I keep having the strangest, most stressful dreams...hate it.  I wake up and I feel more tired than when I went to sleep :(  Can't wait for our new mattress to arrive, hopefully that will help!

The weather looks absolutely gorgeous!! Let's see what I can come up with that'll let me be outside for as much of the day as possible! Until then, time to pay them bills, get a few practical things sorted, and setup our new & improved bulletin/mood board.  It'll honestly be difficult to tell who chose the pictures considering, as of current, there's a picture of chicken wings, and Sports Illustrated model, Gigi Hadid hanging on it :D haha

A few more shots from earlier this week.  I thought I looked beyond ridiculous talking on one phone while working on the other haha Tried hiding one of them in these evening shots over the River.  Mads makes fun of me for asking for pictures nearly every time we go over one of the bridges haha I can't help it!!

Shame I didn't bring my actual camera, would have given us a chance to get a better shot when we walked back after it got dark.  It looks so stunning with the lights from the shore reflecting across the dark, shimmering water.  Slightly uneasy bringing my camera around, especially if I know I'll have a drink or two.  So easy to forget something when you don't usually bring it with you...

Have a good day, loves!


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