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07 May, 2015

Met Gala: 2015

Good morning chickadees :)

I feel like I just posted about the Met Gala but there goes another year!
Dramatic trains....dramatic trains everywhere. LOVE. IT.

I can't help but start at what appears to be the most obvious controversy of the evening.
Did Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian's dresses accidentally get mixed up?!


Kim looked absolutely stunning in her sexy white beaded/feathered Cavalli gown inspired by Cher's first Met Gala get-up whereas, as Beyoncé's Givenchy gown, as phenomenal as her body looked, seemed more tacky than it did beautiful.

Risqué mixing pink, green, yellow, and clear jewels in my book as they can look trashy, especially paired with that corn-blonde hair.  I did, however, like the bottom of the dress but the entirety of the outfit didn't "work" to me.  Oddly enough though, the more I look at it, the more I start to like it...

On to the second most-talked about look of the night.  SJP's head dress.
Hilarious, and beautifully created, but out-of-place as the internet has so kindly decided.  I think it's an amazing piece and where else could you wear something like that then to the Met Gala?! She was totally en pointe with this year's theme of "China: Through the Looking Glass", something others seemed to have chosen to ignore when preparing for the event.

Many have associated the now-infamous head-dress with Rihanna's rich yellow gown and cape, comparing it to all sorts of food but I was completely in awe of how over-the-top it was. It took over 50,000 hours to make, created by Chinese couture designer by the name of Guo Pei and that only the emperor was permitted to don this yellow tone.  It was considered noble in the days of Imperial China and considering the designer, it'd be more surprising if the colour choice was accidental then if they, together, indiscreetly were breaking these historical gender-biases and rules in this statement outfit.

I have a love/hate relationship with FKA Twigs' dress choice but if anyone could pull it off, it'd be her.  I've yet to reach a final verdict.

Jessica Hart's intricate, fiery red gown was amazing and fit her like a glove but the handbag choice pained me.

Selena's beauty look didn't do her justice but I absolutely loved the Vera Wang dress and those flowers in her hair were a great addition. She looked like a princess! As for the topic of her "fat rolls".  IF MY FAT ROLLS LOOKED THAT GOOD I'D FLAUNT THEM IN PUBLIC TOO.

Kendall Jenner can wear anything and look flawless. Same goes for Gigi and Miranda.

Miley will be Miley--something we've all got to accept and move past.  I really quite liked her look this evening, thought it suited her to a T.

I adored Kerry Washington's dress...from the back, and minus the pointed, strappy green heels.
She should live in that pink colour! (I feel like I've said this before...)

On the topic of colour choices, for some reason Alicia Key's look did it for me.  I think it's because of how fantastic she looks in different shades of blue (Yes, that was a shameless Joe Bonamassa reference).

Helen Mirren, fabulous as always.

Bee Shaffer, the epitome of elegance.

Katy Perry looked like a rockstar. Seriously digging the graffitied look!!

Now, onto the...less-than-favourites...of the night.

Rita Ora look, while coinciding with the theme, was boring.  Looked like a very last-minute decision in comparison to her fabulous look from last year (

Not a fan of the red/pink makeup used on JLo nor am I loving the dress.

I won't say a thing about Chloe Sevigny except that at least it's traditional.

I can't have been the only one who was practically incapable of recognising Jennifer Lawrence.

Adriana Lima was also almost unrecognisable but the eyes did me in :D  This breath-taking lady had on way too much makeup and the dress choice was just terrible.  Points for how flawless her hair looked though (although the fringe!

I don't even know what Cara Delevinge, nor do I know why as it did absolutely nothing for her model bod.  I think I get the look she was going for but this one's a miss for me.

My favourite look this year was, hands down,  Zendaya.  Her look was fresh, regal, elegant, and playful.  Everything from her black pointed shoes to that beautiful (MINE?!) headband was MWAAHHHH: perfection!!

I must say, however, that Vanessa Hudgens had a certain wow-factor as well though and trailed behind in an excruciatingly close second favourite for this year's Costume Institute Gala.

**I claim no rights or ownership to/of the above images.   All rights go to their original owners.**

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