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08 May, 2015

Let's Go To The Beach: An OOTD

Gooooooooood morning!

I don't know about you but I could use a beach day!! Everyone's off on holiday a week here, a week there and I'm sitting her like...does anyone have exams?! A job?!  Would be more bearable if the weather was beautiful and warm.  What happened to all of that beautiful, sunshine-y weather anyways?! 

Wearing a Topshop crop cami, a skirt I've gotten from my mama's closet, Forever 21 sunglasses, and my lovely leather Sandals we picked up in Odense before leaving for Turkey this time last year.

My hair has started looking and photographing a bit red at times.  Went back and forth with going Brunette or Ging this time around but it looks like I can have both!! :D

Sent Mads off to the airport bright and early (we're talking 3 AM people) this morning and I've got my IR exam today (EEEKKK). Wish me luck!!  Will be studying endlessly this weekend for the big motherf*cker of all the exams this year...Political Theory... (dun dun dun) so that'll be why there won't be a massive flow of posts coming through :)



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