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25 May, 2015

Fried Papaya: A Recipe

Tried something new yesterday and the turn-out was really good considering it was my first time making the recipe and...stiff peaks by hand.  It was not without struggle, I must say! I made it with bananas as well as the papaya I'd purchased wasn't exact at its best since I'd forgotten it existed :D

Having a proper papaya to work with definitely would have made the dish leagues better as I ended up with very small, very thing slices versus actually chunks...making frying them difficult as the batter basically fell off of their little bodies.  Once I actually made the stiff peaks and folded them into the batter, I also made the rookie mistake of stirring it...DO NOT BE LIKE ME :D

What you'll need is:

-Vegetable Oil
-Butter (unsalted)

I rarely go after or use measurements exactly (yes, even for desserts...I know, bad, bad, bad!) but rather play it by ear.  For this recipe I used roughly a cup of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, roughly 1/2 cup of milk, a tablespoon and a half of butter, three eggs, a papaya, and a banana :)


Now, let's get down to it!!
First, slice your hopefully ripe (not overly ripe like mine) Papaya (and any other fruit you might be using) so that it's ready.

Secondly, make the dusting mixture which is comprised of cinnamon and sugar (the recipe calls for caradmom but I didn't have any and therefore didn't use it) and set that aside for later. 

Thirdly, melt some butter.  It doesn't take long so make sure it doesn't burn! Pour milk into another bowl.

Fourthly, fill a saucepan with about 2 inches deep of vegetable oil.  

Next, comes the batter.  Start off by combining a bit of salt, sugar, and flour into a bowl.  In another bowl, combine your milk and your now beautifully melted butter.  Pour the butter in slowly so not to burn the milk.  Add your dry ingredients (NOT the cinnamon and sugar though!) to this mixture and stir.  If you think it's a bit too thick, add milk.  If you think it's not think enough, add a bit more flour.

In either a glass or metal bowl, separate your eggs.  You'll only be using the whites for this recipe but if you're feeling creative afterwards, you can make homemade mayonnaise with the yolks and some olive oil! This is where the fun part comes into play.  If you have a kitchen mixer and don't have an awful lot of time to spare, or have no experience in making stiff peaks, by all means, USE IT :D

If you're feeling like challenging yourself (we're talking mentally and physically here), pick up a whisk and go at it!!  Took me a good 30-40 minutes, I won't lie.  I was ready to quit probably about 15 times but the thought of Alexander Weiss, the winner of Master Chef Junior (called it! From the first dish he made!) when he was mixing his egg whites. 

So calm, cool, and collected and finished long before the others.  He had a tip (which of course I can't remember for the life of me) about either tipping or not tipping the bowl to save energy and strength that meant that he was the only contestant, who when the time came, did NOT empty any of his upside-down bowl over the judge's head because he managed perfect stiff peaks in record-time :P The thought of that, even with my arm cramping and turning red hahaha kept me going

If you're doing this by hand, don't bother heating up the oil quite yet because you'll just burn it unless you're a pro and you've already managed your stiff peaks in 5 minutes time.  Otherwise, once it starts to get there, heat up the oil so that it's ready for the next step.  

I added a bit of sugar and another egg white to thicken the mixture and that made a world of a difference! Once this has been achieved, fold them into your batter. Again, DO NOT OVER MIX because you will deflate the egg whites.  Very disappointing haha I know my stiff-ish peaks weren't perfect but I'm still very proud of them!! :D

Take out a plate and place some (a decent amount here, people) kitchen roll on it to absorb the leftover oil for when you place your fried fruit on here.  Now, dip each fruit slice/chunk into the batter and deep fry in your oil until they're a golden brown.  Once you've finished frying all of them, cover them in your cinnamon and sugar mixture and serve with some vanilla ice cream.  You will not be disappointed!! 

It's the furthest thing from healthy but man, was it a treat!  We are officially paw paw lovers in this household :D  The kitchen was the most hysterical thing to look at when I was done.  Mads entered at one point while I was still whipping the egg whites and he just smiled and left :D The flour had fallen out of the cabinet, there was egg whites splashed all over the microwave, counter, dishes all over the place....looked like something out of a cartoon! :P

If you try the recipe and would like to share it (I'd love to see the turn-out &/or hear tips you might have to share to improve) tweet me a photograph at xxEmKirstinexx or tag me on Instagram xxemkirstinexx :) 

Best of luck to you!! 

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