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29 May, 2015

Drip Drop

Good afternoon everyone :)

Another week month has passed and I'd personally just like to ask WHO can tell me where the time went?!?!  You wouldn't guess it based on the weather conditions as of current but summer really is here!!

Still getting this place setup and made into a home with the little touches we can manage sans-furniture :P  Our mattress will be here any day now (hallelujah) and we finally measured out how much space the bed frame and dressers will take up in our bedroom and it's all going to fit just as I'd imagined.  I got so excited!!!!! Is that crazy?!

If women reacted the way I do to seeing men do housework, I'm well convinced they'd do it more :D Having a carpenter as a boyfriend unquestionably has its benefits!!!

Was up until 2 AM after Skyping my sister as she got ready for her high school graduation ceremony...ugh...wish I could have been there! She looked like a miniature Elle Woods!!! Insomnia, at the very least, thankfully leads to some creativity on my behalf though :)  Made use of all that paint and those canvases that arrived the other day.  I originally wanted to make a painting as a gift but I've become so obsessed with it that I feel like I might not be able to part with it haha

We have yet another goodbye party tomorrow and celebrations with these guys, starts 24 hours in advance so I hope the weather clears up by tonight.  Until then, it's a relaxing, cosy day inside filled with painting, laundry, making music, yoga, and the ever-exhausting job applications!!  Might have found one though :) Fingers crossed.

Hope you've all had a good week!



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