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06 May, 2015

City Girl

Good afternoon beauts!  

Got busy yesterday with getting some shots in before Mads flies out on Friday. Was rough getting up this morning, man :( Expected to go to bed early and thereby wake-up early to get some stuff done...Didn't send Alana my final edits until a little past 3 AM :D 

My back's no longer cool with this whole "let's pretend we're camping on our cute little pink mattress-thingies until we can afford a proper good mattress/bed"-thing any more so some serious yoga is on the agenda for the day along with buckling down and preparing for my up-coming exam.

Good news is that our landlords finally cleared out the storage area we have in the basement in our new building with all of the old, unclaimed stuff which means the 6 massive suitcases I have sitting in the living room alongside boxes filled with Easter, Halloween, and Christmas decor can be stored away! Music to my ears!!! 

Speaking of...Lina sent me this cover and I just have to share.  He's got such a killer voice! Can't believe he'll be touring with TSwift.  I WANT TO SEE THEM SO BADLY. 

The actual colour of both the blouse and blazer are Sky-blue but we simply couldn't get that on film so they look like more of a grey in the pictures we took.

I've been having a secret love affair with light, silky, airy greys and will need to pick up some pieces in that colour scheme soon!  Think it's so elegant with a completely neutral makeup palette or some dark red lips.  

Was going for a Scandinavian/Parisian with a splash of modern-day Downton Abbey here hahah I think I was pretty successful :D Happy with the turn-out, though in hind-sight I would have rather used my black quilted clutch instead of the navy & silver glittery one from Mango. 


Blouse--Second-hand store find
Belt--Boo Hoo
Jewellery--The usual

End of the photo-shoot shot:


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