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25 May, 2015

About Last Night

Good afternoon and a good Monday to you all :)

It seems to be that time of year where most peoples' Visas are expiring so it's one goodbye party after the next for so many of Mads' colleagues.  On Friday we grabbed a few at a local bar with one of Mads' good friends who's just returned from an extended trip to Thailand and Australia and then on Saturday we went to a place called The Grand Union in Wandsworth.

When we first walked in, I wasn't all to excited since the boys hyped it up so much. As we ventured forward into the outside area, it suddenly lived up to it all!  Private cabanas and benches surrounding the bar, fun quotes and island-themed decor all around, swings up at the bar, and a menu that had me ordering two meals that night :P :D  The cocktails were as amazing as the vibe!  The only thing missing was the sun!!

It was a surprisingly very warm day but the sky was still clouded over.  It became a natural habit every couple minutes for everyone to put back on the jacket they'd just taken off as a cool breeze swept through the area :P

The biggest reason I go out, as I'm sure stands for many, is to socialise; to meet new people and hear about their experiences, travels, reasons for being in London etc. and I wasn't disappointed! Met some really lovely people that I hope to see again soon and the stories I heard far-surpassed my expectations.  Was such a cosy night, regardless if we were relaxing in the heated Cabanas, eating our double burgers by candlelight, enjoying Espresso Martini's at the benches, or rocking out on the dance floor (some of these boys have some seriously G spirit-animals, if their dancing is any reflection of that).  Even better? We were home and all snuggled up in bed by 1:30 :D Well done us!!

Sunday was spent stocking up and then emptying our fridge, playing my now favourite card game, and watching movies together :)



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