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08 April, 2015

Sunshine & Smiles

Inescapable (apart from when on the tube of course) sunshine shone down throughout London yesterday and it was invigorating.  Absolutely amazing what some sun and cute dress can do to your mood! :D

Headed off to meet our agent and view a few flats around where Mads works (SW6 area) but nothing that stole my heart.  Got off at Bayswater instead of Westbourne Park so I could do some grocery shopping on the way home.  Picked up ingredients for burgers for later that night, loads of fresh fruit, and some basics (chocolate cake, holla!) before bopping home.

Nothing too crazy or out-of-the-ordinary, there was just something so refreshingly different about everything.  I felt like myself again.

I was absolutely bursting with positive energy and had such a desire to share it.  Good vibes, good times.

Hopefully sunshine and smiles will be here to say.
Safe to say we need more of both everywhere :)



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