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06 April, 2015

Shortly/Easter 2015

Time goes by so slowly on a daily basis for me these days and I know taking one hit after the other doesn't help.  We're still flat-hunting, I've applied for law school but have unfortunately received two rejections already, and no new tenants for the property we're currently in yet.

It's hard to keep your head held high and positivity flowing but we're doing our best.  I've been re-writing my book that should have been published nearly 5 years ago with my friend, Alana but artists are perfectionists;) Nothing's good enough until it's been edited and re-written time after time.   After we finish this round, we'll give publishing a go again and cross our fingers.  So far I'm quite happy with the product.  It seriously needed updates as it was written when I was around 14 at the time so to edit the plot-line, characters, and overall writing style takes time but I think it'll be more-than worth it once it's completed.

Apart from that, I've been focussing more on music, which is a great way for me to channel all my energy--good, the bad, and the ugly--into something creative.

Some tidbits from the past few weeks.  Hopefully things will take a more positive turn soon because at the moment, with my just being home studying for exams and working on a few projects here and there, flat-hunting, and trying to sort-out life...there's not all that much to write about nor photograph.

Hope this past month-ish has treated you all well.  Oh, and that you had a lovely Easter vacation!! Wish we could have gone home but duties call here in London.



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