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22 April, 2015

Life Isn't Always A Walk In The Park

After a light dinner of tomatoes & mozzarella with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some Spaghetti Bolognese, Mads and I took the most unexpectedly breath-taking evening stroll through the park last night and I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE.

After yesterday, I can guarantee not much time will pass before I find myself over there, wandering around again.  I completely understand why I've seen so many people going in & out of the park after running, walking with the children &/or dogs, etc., I feel motivated to do so as well!!  I played tennis for a pretty decent chunk of time so when I saw the tennis courts, I lost it haha Could be really cool to be able to start that up again and to teach Mads a thing...or two ;)

Gosh, it's just stunning.  I think we are going to aim to do this a couple times a week because before we knew it, we'd spent 45 minutes out-and-about, getting in some fresh air and enjoying the beautiful scenery in our front yard!  So nice to have a place where you can go just to get away from it all, enjoy some time alone or together, and get in a nice workout as well.

I knew we were close to the river but I didn't realise exactly how close.  I could have sat their endlessly watching the sun go down, painting the sky with an array of warm colours, glistening down on the water.  It's only going to get better and better as the weather perks up.  Even got a cute little ice cream shop to turn to when the craving calls ;)  I can imagine it'll be just as beautiful come winter as well; especially if it snows!!

I think I've found my favourite place in my new favourite place :D
So much love for this city.  Fulham, you're beautiful and London...amazing.



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