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08 April, 2015


For us, Easter break wasn't all too much of a break.  Mads worked most of the days and London stood temporarily still....No updates from agents leads to a very anxious Em :D

One massive plus side to this meant that even though we weren't on vacation, other lovely people were.  My good friend JOHNNY included.  I haven't seen this kid since before we graduated, going on right around 2+ years now, so when I heard he was in London, a proper catch-up and a night-out in Central was a must!!

He came over for dinner and pre-drinks with his Mate and we played dress up ;) They wanted the experience of going out in Central London but, in all honestly, I've only experienced the Mayfair scene which, to anyone familiar with it, is pretty much hell for guys.  Trying to find a happy medium given what clothing they arrived in and where I could manage to get us on a guest-list so last minute was surprisingly successful.

We ended up going to Libertine and had a really good night :) Not my kind of place but if you have the right company, location is just location.

Was so fantastic to see my darling Johnny again and to update on another on all that's gone on since our last meet and reliving old times.



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