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18 April, 2015

Happiness Is...

Good evening everyone :)
It is with an overwhelming sense of happiness and incredible relief that I'd like to announce that after 8 months of seemingly never-ending problems, & the most insane, emotionally draining past week, that we have finally moved out of our old flat & into our new home (on our 1.8 year anniversary nonetheless) :D :D :D

Goodbye Notting Hill, I'm a Fulham girl now!! ;)

It seems like things are going to be going more in our favour from now on. I'D VERY MUCH APPRECIATE THAT.  Just a little bit of good news once in awhile is necessary to keep your spirits up and even with some unforeseen circumstances and problems encountered this week, I'm confident that we'll get through it stronger than ever.

Thank you so much to everyone who has stood by & supported us through this challenging time. Can't begin to express what a massive weight has been lifted & how ready we are to now properly start this new chapter of our lives in London!



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