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20 April, 2015

Good Move & A Good Morning

A very good morning to you all :)

The sun is shining, I've been up early for the 5th. day in a row and I've forgotten exactly how much I love it.  You feel the rhythm of the city as everyone heads to work/school, goes out for their morning jogs, walks the dog &/or children, and gets a good start to the day.

Sitting here with my cup of coffee sorting through my remaining papers and then photographs and decorations to organise as the last bits of our move-in.  Everything else has been unpacked and put into place already, I've been on over-drive! Whatever remains will simply remain until we start buying new furniture :)

With all of my clothes (genuinely forgot I had so much after having lived in a suitcase for 3.5 months) all colour-coordinated and hung beautifully up on their clothing rails again, I could see how much really needed to be ironed! It's no wonder as I had packed down everything back in November with the hope that when we'd move, there wouldn't be any delays on our behalf! After ironing for, I kid you not, 10+ hours, I had to give my sanity a break and said that I would do all of my blacks as the last ones today.

Was cozy anyhow with Polina on Skype for a large duration of my ironing fest (and French wine improves any situation) and as it was gloomy day meant to be spent inside anyways, at least I got most of it out of the way so that I can enjoy the sunshine today.  We live right across from Bishop's Park and there's this massive sign about the Farmer's market! I wanted to go yesterday but thought it'd be best to save it for this coming Sunday when, with any luck, we will have better weather than yesterday. I'm already excited!! haha

The only downside to our move is that Mads' body didn't seem to agree with something.  He's spent most of his weekend cooped up in bed, downing tomato soup periodically and watch TV shows while I make this place into a liveable, cosy, home.  Thankfully he's feeling better today and was off to work early this morning.  Received some good news just now as well--he'll be making more moola from now on as well!

Got the first painting up and hanging yesterday  (Lina's beautiful mosaic-esc. one of course!)and the bathroom is all cleaned and organised as well before Mads and I settled in for the night and enjoyed our first stunning sunset over the park with some delicious nachos and a movie.

It's all coming together.  I'm high on life. Sometimes all you need is an opportunity; a chance to do your best, and with that, you thrive.

All of the pictures from our move from Notting Hill to fantastic Fulham, traditional moving-in meal of homemade burgers and all ;) Once it's less suitcases (storage room isn't ready for my boat-load of crap yet) and more candles and flowers, I will photograph the living schnitzel out of this place and share with you lovely humans.

Sending you all positive vibes & loads of love <3



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