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27 April, 2015

Going Out Like That

Evening lovelies :)

Man, I am exhausted! Weekend went as quickly as it came and Monday came knocking, reminding me that I needed to be up by 7 (this is other-worldly to creatures of the night like myself) with a long day ahead!! 

I went out with Mads and his colleagues on Friday, cleaned the flat (do I ever do anything else?!), had a list of Skype dates a mile long to attend to (happily, I might add), studied for my Spanish and Comparative Politics exams coming up this week like a good girl, and got extremely competitive in a new card game the boy taught me :) 

Was up early this morning to head to Battersea for an interview and trial as a potential nanny! The family was so laid-back, great sense of humour, worldly--all around good people and great parents as my first impression. 

The boys were absolutely adorable, full of energy (do they possess anythin but at ages 1.5 and 3?!), and like their parents, both very clever young lads! 

Don't want to jinx anything but I think I've got a new part-time job once exams are over :) Would be beyond fantastic as it's not a terribly long commute and the family seems great!! :) 
I've been wanting to work as a nanny for awhile now since I feel that I get along with and understand kids just a well, if not better than I do adults :DHowever, since the goal was always to move, I didn't want to find a job and then have to leave the family/kids because we'd have moved to a totally different area :( Didn't think it would be fair to them as I know how easily I grow attached to the kids I've worked with in the past, and they very much you in return.

Came home to the builder finishing up on fixing up a few things, spoke to my darling mama for a bit and helped her sort out a few things regarding her coming trip to Arizona for Lina's graduation, scarfed down a massive salad, knocked a few points off of my to-do list, spruced the place up, annnddddd I think I'm going to collapse now hahaha 

I love having so much to do and I nearly prefer to live in the stress of it all since it's all positive things and not the constant of having to deal with problems that, half the time, are out of your control. We've had more than enough of that for awhile now, thank you! Haha

Hope you've all had a wonderful and productive Monday :* 



Heavy is the head that wears the crown ;) Prom Queeeeeennnnn


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