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22 April, 2015

Dancing In The Street

Good morning :)

Today is going to be a fabulous day, I've decided.
For many reasons I hope but mainly because I get to go visit the campus of one of the universities I applied for this year for Law!!! To be frank, I don't quite remember whether or not I actually managed to mention that it the hectic state I feel my life has been in for over half-a-year now but essentially, in the direction I feel politics is going, I no longer wish to be a part of it one day and decided that I'd start on the Law degree a bit earlier than planned.

I am SO excited!!!!! I'm finishing this year, exams and all, so that I can give them more updated results than my IB score from nearly 2+ years back now, and for my own peace-of-mind.  I'll be visiting SOAS, University of London at 2 pm today.

They've got an amazing law programme for what I've seen and have only heard good reviews!! Even after the move, for what I can see, it'll also only be 30 min. away which is leagues better than I could have hoped! KEEP THOSE FINGERS CROSSED THAT I LIKE IT.

While on my way to register us at the doctor's yesterday I got a bit of adventuring in!! First off, I can see the orange pillars of the Gelato shop we live above from the outside of the office (7 min. walk) and on the short walk down there, I realised how packed full of necessities and lovely shops that just that side of the street is alone (it's a long road...).

I happened upon a dentist, a pet grooming & necessities store (how convenient ;) ) a place that serves beer from all around the world, a Tesco Express, a fabulous-looking hair salon, a second-hand store, a moving materials shop (a little too late, but good for the future!), an Argentinian Steak restaurant that's due to open soon, and a handful of cute, quaint little caf├ęs that are just calling my name for coffee dates and sandwiches!

As if everything up until this point hadn't made us fall completely head-over-heels for our new area, we went for a walk in the park across the street and I was blown-away.  Will have another post coming your way soon with the pictures I took of our evening stroll from  but until then, some morning shots and the result of my creative-streak from yesterday! Managed another painting in record-breaking time as well.  Sometimes it's better to just let those creative juices flow instead of thinking too much about what you want the end-result to be!



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