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14 April, 2015

Cinderelly Cinderelly


My (not so) little sister at her senior prom!!!! Got ready with her over Skype after she basically had to re-plan and budget the entire event just a few days before (PROUD! YOU GET 'EM GURL!) and she looked like a million bucks.  A vision in blue :) My little princess!!!!!

Wish I could have gotten ready with her in person (even though I'd be pretty much worthless cos she's a star when it comes to hair and makeup and I'm all-but useless) but was happy to be able to at least be able to Skype her and experience the magic happen ;)

OH! OH! OH! She's also, officially, chosen Knox College and will be attending in the Fall.  I'm just bursting with pride and couldn't help but share/brag about this superstar I'm blessed with as my baby sister.  For those of you have had it already and for those of you who have it approaching, I hope you have had/will have a wonderful Prom/Galla evening.



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