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21 April, 2015


Hello everyone :) I hope you're well.

Another day, another list of things to do!  I Skyped Josie and my lovely Daddy yesterday to check-in and show them our new home after finishing the last bit of ironing and starting on more laundry, WHOOP! WHOOP! and sprucing up the flat.

I made chicken caesar salad sandwiches for dinner and enjoyed a more relaxed evening complete with candles, popcorn and songwriting while Mads watched a show from one of our favourite Danish stand-up artists, Anders Matthesen.

Going to do some furniture browsing and apply for a few jobs I've had on my list to look into after moving before heading out to register with our new GP and ship off my Daddy's birthday present and enjoy this stunning bare-legs-ready weather.

I'm feeling creative today and since I've had a few funny and/or inspirational quotes saved I think I'll do something about it and sketch them out so that we can have them hanging throughout the flat once we get some frames.

My next exam is a week from today so I think after all of this beautiful chaos, my notecards are feeling a bit lonely....Can't have that, can we?!



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