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10 March, 2015

On The Hunt

Good afternoon everyone :)

Everything these days is prep. Preparations for moving out, preparations for applying for Law school, for finding a more stable income in the are we're looking to relocate to, for exams that are about to pop up around the corner, for summer...Hopefully soon all of these preparations will amount to something positive and tangible.  I'm a control freak, no question about it, so this waiting game...knowing that I've done all that I can and yet so much is still out of my hands is tedious!!  All I can do half of the time is cross my fingers and hope that everything works out well and the way it's meant to and that all of these sleepless nights will pay off.

90% of my time these days is checking & sending off emails, on the phone with agents, flat-hunting and viewings, viewings, viewings.  We're looking mostly South West but out of the areas we're looking I think it's safe to say we both have top two favourites, those being Chelsea (#dreamland as Lily calls it :D ) and Parsons Green.

I fell in love with Parsons Green when we went to view a place a good 2 min. walk from this stunning park that is just packed-full with babies, dogs, people boxing and doing yoga, relaxing on a bench, coffee in hand with a friend.  Walking through it just as the sun was beginning to go down, the lighting, the light Spring breeze...magical.  Honestly, had such a movie-moment :D

It's no secret that I've been lusting over getting a puppy either and this area is so dog-friendly that as a prospective tenant, I feel that you have every right to be dramatically shocked should you happen upon a landlord who doesn't allow pets!!

Another plus side to us relocating to this area? Mads works there :D  The flat we saw yesterday and have now officially made a first...and second offer on was a, get this, 1 min. walk from where he was working!! How fab :) Fingers crossed that they accept our offer and conditions and just as important, that we figure out soon whether or not the prospective tenants for our current property references' check out!! It's taken a week now & we still don't know whether or not it's a go for them to move in and thereby, us out...THE STRESS. THE NOT KNOWING. AHHHH.

Going to treat myself to a bit of flat decor-related browsing, a Cappuccino, and catch-up on MasterChef DK ;)

What are you guys up to these days?  I know some people are already on Spring Break, how lovely! Any of you lovelies living in London as well? What's your take on these areas? :)

All my looove,


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