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06 March, 2015

My 20th. Birthday

The day before the big day, we received the biggest, heaviest parcel from Mads' parents filled to the brim with a large assortment of candy, cookies, & Danish snacks galore.  Seriously felt the pre-birthday love!! What was even more wonderful yet (as if that was possible) was that my one & only birthday wish, came true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you all know, we've been struggling in our current flat, have since about a month after we moved in really. We expressed these to our landlords & the corresponding agency and made a deal that, in short, once someone new moved in, we could move out.  Fair enough, only that could drag on for ages and flat viewings are difficult for everyone involved when you don't know when you'd need the place for...My wish was to get out of our apartment and, it's my pleasure to announce that it's FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!! Our property went under offer on March 2nd. and we're waiting for reference etc. to check-out and should be out within the next two weeks :D

It's been a rough time, this move to London being nothing like what I had hoped or expected but I've learnt a lot--both about myself, others, and life overall--and I'm so thankful for the people who have stood by us through thick and thin and still support us.  Most of all, my love, Mads.

We've been to two flat viewings but the market is absolutely dead for studio's and 1 beds in the areas that we're looking for a reasonable price and I've been stressing and freaking out about it a lot but we have another two viewings lined up--one studio tomorrow and one 1 bed on Monday.  I'm absolutely in love with the first one and can't wait to see it!! The second has a lot of technical things we'd want/need that I just hope the first does as well :) Hopefully all goes well, we love it, and we will put in an offer or maybe reserve it until we can and get on with our lives...start living.

Now, onto my birthday...

I was woken up to the wonderful surprise of my boyfriend going in to work late so that I could be spoilt celebrated right from the moment I'd awoken with breakfast-in-bed and Starbucks.  I am the luckiest girl :) Good thing I was Princess for a day!!

Just when I thought my stomach had had enough, he breaks out a chocolate mouse cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate flowers :D  To walk off our new additions of weight, we headed up to Bayswater station together so that he could head to work and I could run a few errands.

It was such a beautiful sunny day complete with a ravishing blue sky so someoneeee must have been good ;)

I spent my day cleaning our flat from top-to-bottom which, personally, I don't mind as clean home is a happy home and it needs to be done anyways!  That, and of course, dancing around in my bathroom to "Say My Name" while attempting to dye my hair brunette for the second time.  This time, thankfully, with much more success!!! I've been going back-and-forth with it for awhile now but decided that I needed a positive change and I'm so happy with the way that it's turned out! In fact, I LOVE IT!!  Mads and well, everyone else whom we saw later on that evening for the festivities did as well so what more could I ask of my beauty transition?! ;)

Managed to Skype my wonderful Mummy & Daddy before I started getting ready for dinner.  Perfect timing as Daddy & Lina's absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived just in the middle of our Skype session!!

Mummy's present unfortunately didn't arrive until today but in my opinion, it was well worth the wait! She knows that with all the issues we've encountered with the flat, there hasn't been much of an opportunity to set aside money for the things we want and need so she started us off with 32 new glasses that will be shipped over once we have a new address :D Flabbergasted.   Of course, there were sweets involved and what I loved most was the sentimental aspect to her gift--the card.  I didn't have any ideas for presents this year except for things to remind me of my childhood.  She sent a copy of the original card she had made with a close mutual friend of ours for my Christening and her 30th. birthday, revamped.  Started bawling over the phone...oh my goodness!  I'm such a sucker for these kinds of things :P

The plan was to meet at the restaurant quarter past 7 but EVERYONE was late!! I don't know what was going on on a Tuesday night but traffic was bonkers and trains were delayed from all over London.  That was the interesting part...literally everyone who came, was coming from completely different areas of the city and all ended up being late.  The party begun more like around 8-8:30 ish and I had the most amazing time :) The only thing was, being 10+ people isn't easy when dining unless you're at a round table...conversations only reach about half-way and you don't feel like you get to talk equally to everyone unless you switch ends of the table like I did haha

We're all grown up and have things to do early in the morning so we ended probably around midnight and everyone headed home.  I convinced Telissa & Hugh to stay the night because an hour and a half travel at the hour is just ridiculous and unnecessary when we have a cough, mattresses, duvets, pillows, and sheets...just calling their names :D  These two lovely lovebirds surprised me back at the flat with some delicious cupcakes ("If it has a candle in it, the calories don't count" ;) ) and a black & gold flower statement necklace.  I received some toiletries and the most lovely cards from the girls but really, specifically at this age where we're all broke-ass students, their presence honestly is a present to me.  Meant a lot that everyone could come :)

I had the most perfect, love-filled day and I couldn't have asked for more.  Thank you to everyone for their well wishes, hysterical messages, and for celebrating me turning twenteen :D :P

I'd been freaking out for weeks leading up to my 20th. birthday what with my teenage life, so filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows...experiences I never would have dreamed to have, and those I only hoped were figments of my nightmares, suddenly coming to an end.  However, when the day didn't even hurt!  I found myself feeling so calm stepping into this new chapter of life so I guess something just clicked.  Most people don't value their teenage years or look back on them and think, 'those were the best days of my life'...they say that, about their twenties.  Somehow I knew that the best is yet to come :)

I'm wearing my Grandmother's gown, a Forever 21 blazer, my 14th. & Union "Raina" leather booties, Pilgrim+vintage earrings & my trust Pandora bracelet :)

Loads of love,


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