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13 March, 2015

Modern Era

Hello all :)

It is with a sigh of relief, and some serious electronic hugs being sent to my Daddy, that I'd like to inform you that I have made it BACK TO THE 21ST. CENTURY!! As much as I love my Nokia (for international calls that is) and how impressed I am that my ridiculously beat-up iPhone has made it this far, I am very happy to have an iPhone that is no longer considered a safety hazard that doesn't charge properly, take proper pictures, or function at a normal level in any category.

Finally I'll be able to give you guys some pictures that aren't snowy/blurry/crystallised when viewed and provide random updates on-the-go again! I've missed doing that and overall using my phone for more than just getting by & listening to music on the tube :D

After nearly a year and a half of being virtually inactive, I'll also be returning to Instagram and hopefully, as terrible as I am at it, Twitter as well.  New carrier, new phone plan, new (UNLOCKED, HALLELUJAH!) phone...big smiles all around ;)

Apart from that, we are just missing our landlord reference and we've got it all sorted out for our potential new home.  There's, of course, been a very disappointing development...well, a few stacked on top of one another, all delivered simultaneously.  Because that's how life likes to do its dealings with me.  The possible tenants who'd put in an offer on our flat are no longer in the game for referencing issues that have taken over 10 days (don't ask me how, honestly) to process and come back denied.  This also means that our agreement with our landlord to set aside this month's rent towards our new deposit/move no longer exists and we're still stuck here until someone else moves in.  Not a fun day yesterday :(

Trying my best to stay positive, move forward, and focus on the things that I can do so I completed making all of my study material for my Spanish exams, coming up in about a week and a half, so I can get going on that.

OH! OH! OH! And I, of course, without any issues what-so-ever (hahahhahaha) have officially applied for Law school which is immensely exciting/nerve-wracking.  Fingers crossed that someone takes me so that I can start doing what I can't wait to kick-ass at ;)

Hopefully my birthday wish will be fulfilled within the month since right about now, it feels like it was just snatched out of my hands.  One thing they can't have, are the beautiful memories I have from that day/night nonetheless.  Came across a great pic of some of the girlies & myself from my 20th. on Jazz's Insta account...lovin' the impromptu jazz hands, Mette, and having access to it all again!!



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