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24 February, 2015


Good evening all :)

Had our first official viewing today, and another tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll be out of here around the same time that I start feeling better!  Though it was cold, it was beautiful on my way to the doctor yesterday (#nofilter ;)) I love walking around in Notting Hill, I never get bored of the sights to see and people-watching is at its prime!

Doc thankfully put me on antibiotics...2.5-3 weeks feeling worse by the day and with a temperature just won't do. Mads said he was feeling better but he came home from work today not feeling all too great :(  Will have to send this boy to the doctor soon, even if I have to walk him right into the office myself!!  Had a feeling when I bought lunch that I should choose something for him as well so when he came home, his steak sandwich, smoothie, and chocolate muffin was waiting :D Nice timing there!!

In the meantime I seem to be ceremoniously celebrating the rapidly approaching end of teenage life as the big 2-0 arrives but but a weeks time by delving into an array of Disney.  The Little Mermaid episodes have been all on today's agenda :P #amoxicillinforme #Idobelieveiamaprettyprincess #foreverafiveyearold

Hope you're all doing well and feeling better than this sorry lot!



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