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10 February, 2015

Positive Energy

Trying my best to get in touch with that inner buddha of my Daddy would say :D

In my efforts to think positive, act positive, be positive, and surround myself with positive outfit ended up being effected, taking on a slightly bohemian/rocker vibe for when Claudia and Zara came over for a glass of wine and some dinner Saturday night.

Great to have company and interact socially with someone other than work colleagues, people on the street, and my boyfriend--I really need that these days, not having the possibility due to our financial situation otherwise to see my friends.

You treasure it more when it's a rarity I suppose! They brought over brownies, creme, raspberries, and wine, and we had a bit of a mixed (though, delicious) dinner due to all of the dietary needs haha

Had a lovely night, talking with friends always helps...even if you don't expect it to.  I've come to realise that more often than not, I am surrounded by people who love and support me and, to a certain extent, can understand some of the problems I/we are encountering as they are going through something similar or exact, themselves.

I'm wearing my favourite black Vila jeggings, black Topshop cami, a blouse/shirt/kimono Mama found with her second-hand skills for me, my beautiful 14th. & Union "Raina" leather booties I got a Christmas prezzie from Lina, topped off with the teardrop pendant necklace I received from Mads' niece, Charlotte for Christmas as well.



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