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16 February, 2015


With the horrific acts that hit Copenhagen this past weekend I'd like to remind everyone that it is specifically in times like these that we must stand together, not create distance between ourselves due to the unspeakable violent acts of others. Muslims are not to blame. Arabs are not to blame. Christians, Catholics, Atheists, Whites.... not to blame. Do not let the actions of few, speak for those of many.
These people should not be categorised or judged based on their religion or background, but by their misguidedness, and state of helpless delusion that the majority of others who might also fall into the same category of religion or background, DO NOT POSSESS.

My thoughts go out to the lives affected in this tragedy and their family/friends, respectively, hand-in-hand with the PEOPLE of & in Denmark.

"Spread hope from the ignorance of others."



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