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08 February, 2015


Hello everyone :)
Wow...where to begin. Life is absolutely mad at the moment which explains the severe lack of posts pretty well.

Long, complicates stories that are all intertwined:
Mads and I have been having issues with the flat for a few months now and for many reasons are hoping to move-out while I'm simultaneously with my looking for a fourth job, applying for internships, switching universities and degrees (it's either going to be Fashion PR+Communications or Law) my being sick, re-editing "Stifled Innocence", working on my music and applying for castings within the field of acting (oh, and I got a callback for a new UK TV Drama Series).

Hope you're all doing well and I promise that once I've successfully managed to sort out the slight cluster f*ck that is my life, I will get back to posting :)

There's an update!


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