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22 February, 2015

(Home) Sick

This past week and a half has caught me by surprise! So much has happened!! Pretty soon it's time to say goodbye to February and hello to the big 2-0 approaching all too quickly around the bend.  On the bright side, at least with that comes the promise of Spring :)  Savouring the few sunshiny bits we've been getting this week!

I did a trial run at a beautiful cafĂ© just around the corner and am awaiting to hear from them now.  It was, but of course, Valentine's Day, which we spent in each other's company over good food...similarly to how we celebrate our 1.5 year anniversary (/my grandparent's 52nd. & PANCAKE DAY)<3 Things are moving forward with the flat, we have had a couple view the property in addition to beginning viewings ourselves!  All of this with both of us more-than-likely having Pneumonia.  I'd normally give my body a week or two to recuperate from being sick but seeing as it's nearly 2.5-3 weeks now, I'm going to have to throw in the towel and head to the good 'ol doc tomorrow to see what can be done since I really need to be at my best right now!

Until then...Disney movies, Lucozade, and curling up in bed, noshing on the chocolate cake Mads "baked" for me that his parents sent over in a massive, lovely care package it is!!  Danish sweets...I miss you as much as I miss the people back home!

Crossing my fingers, hoping for the best and that everything works out so that we can finally get a regular, liveable life in play and that I can start updating you guys normally again with actual content!!



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