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20 January, 2015

NYE: 2014/2015

Having landed the day before and no proper plans being sorted out, the morning of New Year's Eve was a busy rush of contacting people contacting people and misunderstandings but was thankfully all worth it in the end.

I got ready while catching up on award shows (guilty pleasure) followed by a delicious and cosy dinner with Mads' parents while watching the Queen of Denmark's speech.  After drinks and dessert we headed to pick up Polina and some goodies for the evening's festivities.

After a slightly tearful reunion and some crazy talk, we headed over to our friends' flat to ring in the new year.  I "jumped" into the year for the first time in amazing company--my only "need" for the evening since it was to be my first away from family for the first time and the night means a lot to me and 99% of it was absolutely perfect because of just that.  We watched a black and white show called "90 års fødelsdag".  So cute and everyone knew the words :P It was another first for me, at least that I could remember.  Mummy says I saw it as a kid but I have zero memory of it whatsoever if that's the case.

Enjoyed a bit of bubbly and entertainment before heading into town to celebrate with the rest of the city.  Entertaining, indeed! I always prefer private parties but when it's 10 against 1...

Hope you all had a very happy New Year's Eve and may 2015 bring you all that you hope for!!



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