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02 January, 2015


Good afternoon beautiful :)

I apologise for the delayed message but I am back in Denmark now after a long trip from Phoenix to London, London to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Odense C., and finally, Odense C. to Odense N.

I'm terrible at sleeping on planes so after nearly 24 hours without sleep, I was as knackered as I was loopy as hell when I arrived.  Mads was about as excited as a kid in a candy store when he picked me up :P It's weird being back here as it's the first time since the move to London in late August of last year but so nice as well.  I got to see quite a few people on New Year's and will be seeing my mummy soon as well & can't wait!!

Managed to bring the maximum allowed home again even after departing with a new-empty suitcase and tearful goodbye, as always.  I miss Daddy & Lina so much already :( This was the longest I've been in Arizona since I left 5 years back but time went by the fastest yet in my opinion.

Spent the last couple of days enjoying my favourite foods--the giant cookie from Goldie's, white Mac N' Cheese, red wine, sushi, Mochi's, and plenty of Daddy's guacamole, as well as soaking up the remaining bonding time through watching old movie favourites, playing a lot of Myreturen, a hardcore Ed Sheeran dance party, seeing Louise while she was in AZ (how mental?!), making (as promised) Crème brûlée, and providing some great last-minute entertainment for Daddy and Lina with my packing techniques and trying to make Mama's new Stetson "work".  A new teddy bear has also been welcomed into the family. It's name is It.

Oh, the difficulties that came with selecting an outfit that didn't make me look like a Texan oil queen... This is the best evidence I'll have to present to my mama to the amount that I love her haha DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW INCONVENIENT A PROPER COWBOY HAT IS WHILE TRAVELLING?!??!?! Maybe it just takes practice...

Thanks for this time, Arizona <3



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