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25 January, 2015

Is There Anything You Can't Do?

Good evening beauties :)
Was such a nice afternoon out, not even that cold!
The boy is making pizza buns now for our movie night that has consisted of Lilo & Stitch ;)
He's got flour and work materials from his job all over his hands...nothing that boy can't do. I'm a lucky girl :D

Time has gone by with my looking for internships...or really, scouring the internet is more like it. I've applied for two now so fingers crossed!! Trying to get ahead of the game and land one now, could be amazing to have that under my belt.

I'll be back to work this week so I am soaking up the last bit of down-time, inclusive of a 5.5 hour Skype conversation with my soul sister, Po.  Love her like crazy, and am missing my friends back home but Telissa and I have made lunch plans and perhaps even a girlie sleepover in the coming week so I'll get my dose of Danish loveliness soon enough again.

Hope you've all had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend :*



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