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20 January, 2015


Facing the big 5-0 is, for some, difficult.
For my mother it was as much of a miracle and welcomed surprise as it was a smooth transition.  In her words, "It didn't even hurt."

Her only fear was that this now meant that she had to grow-up.  One of her friend so kindly told her that it's not long after 50 that we tend to revert back to childlike tendencies.  Ergo, mama has successfully avoiding growing up ;)

I came up, after a lovely get-together brunch with Mads' parents, his cousin, and beloved auntie, for a 3 day birthday weekend extravaganza!! Of course this meant travelling in hurricane-like weather conditions but hey, what a girl won't do for her mama!

We filled the days leading up to the celebration with laughter, stories old & new, technological "advances", creativity, endless amounts of good food and coffee, some serious Jack Bauer action, and, above, irrefutable, madness.

Mama's lovely girlfriends/neighbours woke us up at the crack of dawn with Danish birthday songs. They had even managed to sneak in and decorate the entrance with 50-themed cut-outs at every turn. She just managed to see the flag hoisted up in her honour before the stormy winds threatened the existence of the flag pole and it had to be taken down.

I accompanied her to a morning appointment whereafter we picked up some freshly baked buns and pastries to add to the exotic cheese and fruit breakfast they'd all been invited to.  I swear to god all we did that day was eat and unpack presents!!

I can't honestly even put a number on the amount of Pandora charms she received left, right, and centre, in addition to the most breath-taking bouquet of flowers from Daddy & Lina over in Arizona. The colours selected pleased her the most, reminding her of our dear Arizonian flag.

A few hours, gift-cards, jewellery (she LOVED the antique Afghani bracelet Lina & I gave to her), Skype sessions, phone calls, and episodes of the "final" season of 24 later, the ladies treated her to some delicious homemade buns and coffee, and just a bit (really...not nearly enough time "off" from consuming) later, a grand dinner!!

The most important part of a birthday feast is unquestionably the cake and this baby did not disappoint!! Another one of my mother's spectacular concoctions was a marzipan and pistachio creamy ice-cream cake filled with cocktail berries and crushed nuts and chocolate, topped with raspberries galore.

Serenaded by an old pianist earlier, we had to kick it up a notch for the evening festivities and a lass from Greenland performed some of her own material.  Mesmerising, and enchanting.

The day couldn't have gone much better if we'd tried.  She was surrounded by so much love, support, and respect by people who's entire goal was to make her day perfect and make sure she knew how appreciated she was by many.  I couldn't have asked for more as a daughter and friend. The unremovable smile on her face and random spurts of tears of joy throughout the day acted as a late Christmas gift that no price tag could compare to.

Thank you for all of the well wishes and to everyone who gave her an unforgettably fantastic 50th. birthday <3

Love you Mama and Happy Birthday!! To many more!! (At least another 50, please).



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