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11 January, 2015

Frozen-Inspired Nails

Beautiful blurry pictures of my lovely Frozen-inspired nails given by Daddy for his little ladies!
Nail time with Lina is always nothing short of entertaining ;)
Miss her :(

Have since painted over the blue with a purple/red wine colour Mama gave me as a prezzie.  The blue matched nearly nothing but it served its purpose--they looked perfect with my New Year's dress!! Pictures will eventually be shared from that night as well, still waiting on some from the girls I was with to ring in 2015!!

I know I'm basically nonexistent on here at the moment but I am doing well and enjoying the rest of my holiday with friends and family here in Denmark & focusing in living in the "now".  Mads has flown safely back to London and is being a hard-working boy! Weird being here without him.

Everything will come, soon enough! And hopefully picture quality will improve once I unlock my new phone (one where the screen isn't smashed and the camera isn't possessed).

Off to lunch now up at Mummy's now.  Arrived in Esbjerg (eye of the storm, of course) yesterday afternoon to kick off the celebrations for her 50th. birthday tomorrow.  Staying until Tuesday for an extended girlie sleepover...Let's see what havoc we can wreak in 3 days now that we've been reunited!



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