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21 January, 2015

Christmas Holiday: DK Randoms

The last two weeks of my holiday were back on European soil and the first few days were spent back in the loving arms of my boy and thereafter, consisted essentially of spending time with the people I've missed so dearly...over delicious food and a cocktail or two of course ;)

It was good to be back in Denmark after having longed to be since the move to London but I left in even better spirits than when I came.  I'm also pretty darn impressed with how people I saw in my time there...and how much trouble we could manage in so short of a time hehe

Hopefully Mads and myself will be able to visit our cosy little fairytale country a little more often in the coming year.

'Til next time!!

This prezzie reads, "To Em & M+all of the soon-to-be M&M's".
The mother's have started...

The star pretty much signifies that I am The Chosen One.


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