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02 January, 2015

2014: A Year Through The Lens (Reflection)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring on the nostalgia ;)
Out with the old, in with the new they say.  Thoughts on that? Trying to, as with all else, take the positives and negatives from it and work accordingly.  Some things are worth holding onto, others, we're better off letting go of and evolving and changing…

Had the most amazing night in great company of my close friends and my love.  Was weird not spending New Year's Eve with family but it was a beautiful night.

Here's to positivity changes in the coming year!

All the best,

My favourites, the relevant events, & the tidbits of 2014:

-Spending NYE in Arizona with Daddy, Lina, Helene, Jason, Louie, and Brad
-Moving from London to Odense, Denmark
-Being back in Denmark amongst good friends, cherished family, and loved ones
-Flat-hunting with Mads
-Moving-in with Mads+flat shopping
-Claudia & Jasmin visit from London
-Morfar's 81st. birthday
-My 19th. Birthday
-First proper job at Bella Italia as a waitress
-Going shooting with Mama
-Mormor's 76th. birthday
-Lily & Mette visit from London
-Flat turns into a pub becomes super cosy
-Mads' parents get Diesel
-Trip to Turkey with Mads' familia
-Summer 2014:
    -Benjamin & Camilla's confirmation in Luxembourg
    -Visiting family in Copenhagen+seeing Helene and baby Louie
    -Louise back in Denmark
    -Lina comes to Denmark--firsts, food, adventures, bonding time, 4th. of July, & Sankt Hans
    -Moved out of flat & to Mads' parents' place
    -Mads' grandmother's 70th. birthday
    -Flat/job-hunting/staying at Lily's in London…getting our "dream flat" and Mads' acquiring a job
    -Goodbye party in Denmark
-Moved to London with Mads
-Tried Lebanese food with Eleanour for the first time+explored the new area/Notting Hill (Portobello Market)
-Started at the University of Westminster studying International Relations+Politics again
-Seeing Telissa again+meeting Hugh
-Trying to make the flat into a home/setting up
-Got a/two jobs
-Halloween/moving-in party
-Mads' 22nd. birthday
-Going to the Regent Street Christmas lights ceremony
-Mads' parents visit us in London
-Lina gets her first university acceptance from Knox
-London ---> Arizona for the holidays
-Celebrated New Year's in Odense with friends for the 1st. time


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