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16 December, 2014

Zoo Lights

This past Sunday I was invited to join Lina and her adorable friends at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf across the street from us so that we all could buckle down in a cosy environment and work on our projects.  I just like to stay ahead with uni so I chose to work on my Political Theory essay for late February while Lina, Matthew, and Lexi prepared for their up and coming presentation (this Wednesday) on GMO's.

I think we ran into nearly everyone in her class at that coffee shop that day hahaha Like many others, my taste has evolved through the years and I now like both coffee and tea in an array of versions. Thankfully, my curiosity and desire to try new things hasn't disappeared but seems to only grow stronger and was well-rewarded when I decided to try their Passion Fruit Granita.  YUM.  It tastes a lot like Baresso's Smootea back in Denmark :) Would definitely recommend it! 

We all got a bunch of work done and in reward for that, Lina, Daddy, and myself headed to downtown Phoenix to experience Zoo Lights for the very first time.  It was absolutely spectacular!! And no, I'm not just talking about my ice cream sandwich ;) I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...


they had one job...ONE.


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