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09 December, 2014

UK Meets USA

An extremely delayed update but an update nonetheless--I've safety arrived in Arizona and the Christmas holidays have begun!! It's always so surreal for me to be back, especially when the travel goes smoothly and flies by like it thankfully did this time around.  We're two stops away on the tube from Paddington and with the Heathrow Express, it took me a good 30 min. to get from my doorstep and halfway to the airport.

Through the years, with the many encounters Heathrow and I have had, I've come to know Terminal 5 like the back of my hand and one of my favourite places has to be the Giraffe cafĂ©.  It's become a tradition to go there before a flight--solo or with company.  It's got such a great, colourful atmosphere, the waitresses there are always so, so sweet, the food and drinks are great, and everything's really reasonably priced, especially considering it's at an airport in one of the world's most expensive cities.

Another bonus was that my flight was super empty which meant we were encouraged by the crew (not even kidding you) to "claim" rows to ourselves to utilise the space and enjoy the flight as much as possible.  I tried my best to NOT sleep, as difficult as that genuinely was, because I flew out of London at 2 pm and landed in Arizona at 6 pm…that kind of jet-lag should be avoided if at all possible haha

No idea how I managed with the measly 5 hours of sleep I got after coming home from my last shift at 3 a.m. but the adrenaline I get while traveling and the thought of seeing my baby sister after 6 months and my beloved Daddy after a full year surely plaid a proper role in it!

This time around I wore black jeggings, a dramatic black batwing blouse, cashmere black scarf, patent suede black loafers, and my oversized faux fur jacket paired with dark lips and a messy ponytail.  Originally, I was going for a casual chic vibe that somehow transformed itself into a, "Hi, I'm the daughter of a legendary rockstar" look.

It's not until now that I've finally realised what my go-to travel outfits are.  A pair of jeggings (everyone knows me and jeans aren't good friends) paired with a lovely statement blouse, some comfy & chic loafers, either a blazer, jumper, or leather jacket, and a scarf for the almost-always chilly plane rides.  If it's one of those 'I hate pants' days that I so often encounter, replace the jeans & blouse combo with a beautiful maxi dress :)

Good to be back in the US of A and reunited with these two nut heads but I am missing the boy like crazy :( I suppose that's just unavoidable when you're used to seeing each other every day but  time flies when you're having fun, right? :D



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