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19 December, 2014


The mid-week hump meant an early-morning rise so we could grab some coffee and go and support Lina's presentation on GMO's.  I must say how well both her and her group did; well done guys!!

Had a double lunch date with a good friend of mine from Arizona, Melissa, along with both of our Daddies :) Convenient when we're all friends.  We went to a burger joint down at the Biltmore that my sister recommended and it was quite good but of course I stupidly enough ordered my burger done Medium instead of well-done so I felt like I was eating raw meat :( On the plus-side, I saw a baby Corgi with one blue eye and one brown and I nearly kidnapped it!

Lovely seeing both Mel & Dave again, got to squeeze in some time with them again before I jet off!

Lina and I spent yesterday painting while watching Christmas movies.  Painting is one of those things I really want to get into more as it's not only incredibly relaxing and therapeutic but I don't think I actually suck at it either haha

After a few humours issues beforehand, I also finally got to see their new place, just right around the corner, and I AM IN LOVE.  It's sad to think that this will be my last Christmas in this place but it's time for something new :)  What's crazier to think is that next year it won't just be me coming home for Christmas....MY BABY SISTER WILL BE IN COLLEGE. What on Earth?! When did I get so old...???

Hope you're all enjoying yourselves during this beautiful time :)
Off for a sisterly shopping day with my better half!

Loads of love,

The Holy Grail of sugar-cookies!!


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