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10 December, 2014

River Island Surprise

On our way out the door the other day, my Dad asked me if I could look at a box from last Christmas that, as he recalled, they refused to take when he tried to return in upon my request.  He was thinking about a separate order whereas this one, was the order that arrived after I had left Arizona.  As uncool as it was then, it's made for an early Christmas, light-packing dream this time around!!

Lina and I opened up this doozy of a box in completely awe and confusion as to what on Earth it even was, my not recognising a single item.  With the memory of squirrel, I accredited that to my lack of understanding until I had a light-bulb moment of realisation in that everything was unopened and completely new.

I purposefully packed extremely, uncharacteristically light this year of all years where I've had to pack for two completely different seasons (the only real similarity between Arizona and Denmark overall is me :D) and I was well-rewarded!!  

Even I'm a bit proud of how well I did with trend predictions in this early Christmas present surprise parcel being perfectly in-tune with the evolution of fashion as-of-current.

This wonderful mystery box of holiday joy,  courtesy of River Island provided me with 3 new unexpected favourite pieces, as can be seen below (won't post all items as some of these were meant for other humans circa Christmas 2013 and they might just receive them now haha):


1.) Red Sparkle Relaxed Blazer
If this wasn't made for "the most wonderful time of the year", I don't really understand its existence.

2.) "Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream"
These lyrics smashed into one create this hauntingly beautiful scuba skater dress (that fits like a glove, whoop! whoop!)

3.) On The Prowl
The point-y-ness is a bit much for my taste but there's something unexpectedly sexy about these leopard-printed pumps that commands them to be the centrepiece of any outfit.


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