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16 December, 2014

Red Lips & Crystal Skies

Friday started off a packed-full weekend!!

Lina spearheaded the organisation of a charity event to support an orphanage she and her school are working with, complete with presents and performances.  I was offered the chance to perform but didn't feel I was given enough time to prepare something and I'd want it to be perfect.

Everyone did so well!! The performers, presenters, and the kids were absolute angels.  The place was beautifully decorated with lights, bows, and tinsel, some coffee, hot chocolate and cakes proud of the turn-out!  Was great to see everyone again and meet some of Lina's newer friends :)

It was a fantastic night, both at the charity event and the Christmas Party I attended afterwards.  My only wish was that I got at least one picture of me and Lina together after all of the effort we put into our ensembles haha We somehow ended up matching, but the stark differences in our fashion taste never cease to amaze me :D


Last-minute business

Look at her go!!

Love these two! 


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