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12 December, 2014

My Christmas Wish-List: 2014

It's beautiful and finally completed!!

I love Christmas. Presents aside. Everything about Christmas-time brings joy to my heart.  Even preparing my wish-list gets me excited and smacks a smile on my face :D

Any tips to creating the perfect wish-list? My main goal is to have a decent range of prices so that should anyone want to leave a special something for me under the tree, there will be something that will fit into what they can afford or wish to give.

A little more "hints" both to the lovelies out there who have yet to fall upon the perfect gift (here's looking at you, boyfriend ;) ) and need some inspiration/ideas or incase my "For Her" post failed miserably.

Off to enjoy a cup of hot peppermint chocolate (does anything sound better right now??)  glass of red wine and finish up my presentation with some notecards.

Loads of love and holiday cheer,


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