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12 December, 2014

For Her

A few Christmas prezzie ideas/hints for those of you struggling to decide on what to get the girl in your life.  Be she your girlfriend, sister, mother, or friend, here are a few ideas for you to use this holiday season, complete with some of my favourite picks :)


You've hopefully noticed from time-to-time the makeup choices this lovely lady makes.  Incase this isn't the case, do your best to sneak a peak into her makeup pouch or drawer.  What brands does she use? Any specific colours you think she'd fancy more than others? If none of the above are possible (Shame. Genuine shame.) go for a classic perfume that the majority lovelovelove.

When it comes to buying makeup I think purchasing products for the eyes and lips is safest so you don't mess up anything skin-tone related such as blush, foundation, powder, or bronzer.

A pretty lipstick, lipliner, or lipgloss is always a sweet treat to receive!  A gorgeous new eyeshadow colour to add to your collection or even a new palette…pshh…if she doesn't love it, she doesn't deserve a present in the first place! This rule applies regarding anything you give anyone EVER.  It's genuinely always the thought that counts!!



(P.S. "Sephora stocking stuffers = amazing!!"-Lina)


Dependent on who exactly the lady in your life is (I'd give my mum underwear for Christmas and she'd be chuffed to bits but we also have a unique relationship) underwear makes a lovely gift :) If you don't know their approximate size or what they like to wear, gift cards to well-known lingerie shops are great as well.  Fact: you can never have too much underwear.

Who doesn't like slippers. Tell me now so I can locate them, give them an hour-long hug, and talk some sense into them. My sister lives in the desert and even she has slippers!!

(Note: Ugg is worth every penny!!! I couldn't exist without my slippers!)

Winter Accessories: 
A new scarves, timeless pashminas, stylish new hats, or a cute pair of mittens/gloves to add some pezaz to their winter ensembles.  Same goes for guys!

...if all else fails, FLOWERS.


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