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02 November, 2014

Top Autumn Nail Polishes (2014 Edition): A post by Lina

There is nothing more relaxing than the gentle, slow strokes of a paint brush. In times of stress amongst chaos, the one thing I must do is sit down and pay full attention to my tiny fingernails. There is something about concentrating on the precise motions of the brush as it glides on a vibrant, cool, or dazzling shade to your nails, and during this time of the year, at the peak of college application process, you can bet your bottom dollar I have been painting my nails at least twice a week. 

The shades vary based on what has seemed to look best on my skin tone to what is the most warm, autumnal colour I could find. All in all, the refreshing polishes bring a soothing aspect to any outfit while mainly staying festive.

Wet n Wild Nail Polish in French White: $0.99
I am currently obsessed with crisp white everything. Shirts, cars, nails. I used to think white nail polish looked cheap, but with a glossy top coat and clean application I think it is just a breath of fresh air.

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in 140 Fall Mood: $7.99

Doesn’t the name say it all? This is a gorgeous bronze shade but with a warm orange undertone so it’s not straight-up metallic.

Barry M Gelly Hi­Shine Nail Paint in Kiwi: $6.38 (3.99 UK pounds)
No, this is not the most autumnal shade, that I will admit. I have reapplied this to my toes 4 weeks in a row. It has a fantastic formulation that is just like a gel nail polish, and doesn’t chip at all either! The reason I love this shade is that it is a deep teal yet isn’t tacky. Sometimes teal gives me (and my sister) the tacky vibe, but at the same time reminds me of jukeboxes, diners and bowling alleys... am I alone here?

Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in 110 Marmalade: $7.99

Despite this nailpolish being titled my favorite word in the English language, the colorstay polished from Revlon are so worth the price. They apply thick and can take a long time to dry without a fast­dry top coat, but stay on for forever with great pigmentation. Although it is so not healthy to do, I find it is easier to peel off then taking off with nail polish remover which take forever with this gel formulation. Really though, the bright orange perfectly symbolizes all the fiery changing leaves that we don’t have here in the desert... I hope you’re thinking of me East Coasters.

NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in 144 Wine Bar: $0.99

This nail polish is so cheap in price, just like the Wet N Wild one, but such a beautiful color. It is not a dark red wine, but more pinky. I will absolutely be wearing this shade most of December because it is s twist on the classic holiday red and just has a sense of whimsicalness to the shade. Only downside is that it is not long-wearing as the name suggests, but instead chips very easily. 


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