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18 November, 2014

The Ice Queen (Halloween Costume 2014)

My very best attempt at all-things Elsa!!

After seeing Frozen, I, amongst many others, fell completely in love with the film and the drop-dead gorgeous, awe-inspiring gown that the Ice Queen wore when she established her independence and became who she felt she really was (I won't say more incase there are some late-bloomers, like myself, who haven't seen the movie yet).  Couldn't have thought-up a more fitting costume for this Halloween.

I loved it, my boyfriend's been forced to love it ( :D ), and the guests loved it.  I just hope I can wiggle my way into using it at some sort of event again because it really is too beautiful to just sit in a box.

After all the hype, I sure hope I live up to everyone's expectations.  Here it is…



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