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03 November, 2014

She Inside Haul (Back To School Shopping)

Good afternoon :)

I finally received my parcel from She Inside late last week and I'm honestly so content with the results.  It was my first order with them and after hearing mixed reviews I thought that I'd give it a shot.  First off, I'd like to tip my hat to one of the only companies I've experienced that properly knows how to pack a parcel without such disgustingly excessive amounts of paper, plastic, wrapping.

When I picked up the box I was so surprised as to how small it was in comparison to everything I'd purchased and was a bit worried at first thinking…oh no, some of it was unavailable and hasn't come, maybe they got my order wrong, perhaps there's another parcel on the way--happily surprised right from the get-go!

The main thing that I found so intriguing with She Inside is their ability to create designs that you'd normally only be able to get with much larger, much more expensive and well-established designers and as much as I am a quality over quantity kind-of-girl, there are certain aspects of my wardrobe that I prefer to invest more in.

So much of my wardrobe, for me, are pieces that I can use daily or for a night out on the town and the heartbreak and disappointment I've felt when on either of those two occasions I walk away with a beautiful, expensive, quality piece that's ended up broken or ruined just isn't something I'd like to re-live as often!

The prices are extremely affordable but keep in mind that, in all aspects of life, you usually get what you pay for and this is no different.  I was as equally concerned about the sizes I chose as I was about what the quality of the items I ordered would be upon arrival and prepared myself not to be disappointed because, again, the prices aren't exactly sky-high.

The quality of the items I received is the same that you'd expect from many high-street brands such as Newlook or Missguided, maybe the tiniest bit below on some pieces but not on unexpected aspects of these pieces.  Examples of this being obviously the quality of the fabric, zippers, buttons, and seams.  However, I am overall I'm really content with the outcome and can't wait to use these pieces!!

My favourites so far are, hands down, the absolutely stunning ballet flats that may or may not make me look like an extremely fashionable lady in her 60's but I'm perfectly okay with that.  Had they been even the tiniest bit smaller, I wouldn't be able to fit them and I'm not looking forward to breaking them in because of that fact but when they ooze such classic glamour and elegance, I'll just have to suck it up and remind myself of the things we do for beauty ;)

 In addition to the two pairs of shoes I am absolutely head-over-heels with the black and gold maxi dress.  I freaked out when I first tried it on, looking in the mirror seeing nothing less than an outfit made for a Queen.  I chose it for that very reason after being inspired by my favourite t.v. series, Reign, as mentioned in a few earlier posts.  I will take any possible excuse to wear this--even if it is just grocery shopping. Included in my favourites is the second maxi dress.  It's dreamy, a mix between crisp white and vanilla cream, lovely intricate lace overlay that just makes me want to put on a pair of nice boots and prance around a forest with flowers in my hair.

On a final note I'd say that for anyone who's been looking to try purchasing something from She Inside to go for it but bear in mind that you're not exactly spending thousands upon thousands of dollars and to remember that before you get let-down by the quality.



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  1. Are the shoes true to size? what size do you normally wear/what size did you order?


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