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06 November, 2014

Pleased To Inform You

Good afternoon everyone, how are you all today?

I've been running around like a headless chicken this past week working on assignments for uni, going from one job interview to another, working, preparing for our Moving-in/Halloween Party, sorting out the potential of new endeavours, and have not had more than a second to spare for a quick bite to eat, a shower, and to soak up as much sleep as possible.

This month will probably look an awful lot like this week but I'll do my best to stay on top of blogging until it all cools down once Christmas Break rolls around.  I'm so excited!! I'll be with my Daddy and Lina in just about a month now before heading to Denmark to celebrate New Year's and my mummy's big 5-0!!

Hope each and every one of you is doing well :)
Remember, hard work pays off!!

Loads of love,

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