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09 November, 2014


Good afternoon lovely people :)
I hope you've all had a great first week of November.

This weekend has been one of those oddly chilled-out yet busy ones (if that makes even the slightest bit of sense).  Wanted to work but I felt that after this crazy last week that I owed it to myself and my studies to focus on uni and to take care of my poor Mads who's come down with the Flu.

PLEASE DO NOT LET ME GET THE FLU. I quite literally cannot afford to get sick again.

Been an impeccably good girl finishing up my Political Theory coursework for Monday, big thanks to my secret genius of an AP class-taking monkey of a little sister.

You guys know when you feel that sheer satisfaction and pride of a job well-done, it's like a high you don't want to come down from?  Worth it every time.  Even if it means you've stayed up until 5 o'clock  in the morning just to get to a certain point in the assignment haha

I've started on my Comparative Politics essay due in mid-January (right when I'm about to fly back from Denmark to London) and have officially just reached the half-way mark (whoop! whoop!).  Best to keep those creative juices flowing and continue when you're in that "determined zone".  Work hard, play hard.  This month's going to be hectic and sleep-deprived, filled with assignments and work before the holiday season and since I'm jetting off for AZ a bit early, I want to feel like I deserve it and that all is taken care of.

All the best lovies, hopefully there'll be some consistency with post on here soon enough!
Thanks in advance for your patience :*


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