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27 October, 2014

You Were Here With Me

After what's honestly felt like forever of being cooped up at home, sick as a dog, I dared step foot outside of my apartment and into the real world so that I could be a good girl and go to uni!!  Mads all-but threatened to dress me for this celebratory occasion so that I wouldn't return home after a few hours, diseased again, but I managed to ward him off with the promise that I'd dress warmly.

On a day where it was probably 20 degrees out.

Had I worn any more clothing, I'm convinced I would have passed out or suffered heat-stroke.

In London.  In October.  Not complaining.

It was so beautiful out!! I lovelovelove beautiful Autumn days like this where the sun glistens through the trees, slowly releasing leaf after leaf to create a pathway of crunchy-looking, colourful decorations of nature for me to resists skipping/swirling through.



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