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13 October, 2014


The title being my response every time someone asked me how I was today.
So much for staying home and getting well!! Mads FINALLY had his now second bank appointment in an attempt to open up an account and thank goodness, it went off without a hitch (this time) but he needed me there to help with some of the terms.   Grabbed a bit of coffee afterwards and wandered aimlessly in an attempt to find my optician.

The great thing about Oxford Circus is that you can't necessarily get lost but easily wind up in a completely different place than planned with just one wrong turn.  Of course this'd happen to us since the weather was so…incredibly……….English.  Pouring down rain all day long though, thankfully, not necessarily cold.  Still hard to be upset out in the rain (even in suede loafers) when you wind up discovering streets and shops you didn't know existed.

Finally we managed to locate the place, right next to Pandora.  I've always been a great supporter and fan of Pandora and their products so I was extremely upset when my beautiful bracelet that I just received last summer as a graduation present broke.  The lock somehow cracked open and fell off unexpectedly and lucky me (no, really, for once!) none of the charms were lost but it was my favourite and without it, I have honestly felt it's missing presence.

I brought the bracelet thinking maybe I could make an extra buck or two off of just selling the bracelet at a cash for silver/gold store (they're everywhere over here!) but decided that, even though I expected just to be disappointedly turned away without any actual help (here's looking at you, Swarvoski!) I decided to give it a go before heading in to get my eyes checked & glass for my new lenses.

I am SO happy we gave it a go!! I explained my seriously sad situation and this just goes to show, honesty is the best policy.  Told her that unfortunate I had no receipt since I received it last summer as a gift and was unsure of what to do.  Not 5 min. go by and I'm out the door with a completely new bracelet in tow.  Sincerely impressed and thankful by the incredibly positive outcome and service received.  I'm still in awe!! All I could think afterwards was: I've got to go home and blog about this!

No fun always having to be upset, disappointed, or ticked off with brands so when someone does something right, they damn well deserve to get some credit for it!  Consider me, a very happy customer!!  I'm pretty much just going to chalk this all up to the fact that Pandora is Danish seeing as we all know how terrible my luck normally is.  Talk about taking care of our own!! :D

If you're interested in any of their elegant, products (you really can't help but become attached), have a look:

The bracelet that I have (and am absolutely in love with) is here:!590713

Spent a ridiculous amount of time and money (it actually probably wasn't that bad on either account, I'm just a grump when it comes to being a grown-up and having to pay for things like my own lenses) but again, fantastic service at Vision Express.  Finally, I have glasses again! Can't believe my beautiful others were stolen but hopefully I'll be able to get some money back from insurance.

Warming up at home waiting for our pizza to arrive, absolutely exhausted and still feeling icky.  Hope you've all had as productive and positive of a Monday as I have :)

Loads of love,

P.S. Excuse the blurriness (didn't really want to break out a proper camera in these weather conditions) and the terrible few photographs of myself.  Didn't think my sicky grossness needed too be documented excessively!


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