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14 October, 2014

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 2

Even with a fever, I can still say, without absolute certainly, that Pandora's new Essence collection is a creative masterpiece with something for everyone.  Whether you'd choose to give them as gifts or to hold these characteristics, traits, and emotions represented through intricate and thoughtfully designed charms as reminders, you're all but certain to both a personal and fashionable statement.

With a range of prices, created to suit the masses with a unique & simplistic liveability, this range will undoubtably prove to be a hit.  I'm in love with over half of them already, planning out which colour scheme to go with on my current bracelet before starting on others.

One of my favourites, something that I constantly need to be reminded of, is the importance of good physical and mental wellness.  Seems like a proper fit given my current situation.  Let's hope some hot lemon & honey water (and by some I mean 5+ cups) will help to get me back on my feet soon!

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