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13 October, 2014

Reunited And It Feels So Good

It was the craziest thing that after having know each other for 4, nearly 5 years now (how crazy is that in itself?!), that we were still standing, and standing nonetheless in London, together.  If it weren't for the fact that the both of us are notoriously emotionless, tears would have been shed.

As soon as Telly was picked up from the station, squealing hugs out of the way, and tea made…the conversation flow as all but impossible to stop.  The plan had originally been to go hunt for Telissa's winter jacket and have a bite to eat but with the weather being so chilly we decided to, instead, spend 2 and half hours gabbing away atop my bed before the temptation of crisp salads and wine beckoned our call in town.

Even with us being terrible at decision making, we managed to choose a restaurant before it started to pour down on us and had a super cosy time.  We went to this French restaurant I've had my eye on (the name is French…food isn't really :P ) and it was such a great, intimate, relaxed atmosphere.  Before we knew it, a bottle of wine and 2 salads later, it was 5 o'clock and we were nowhere near ready for goodbyes.

I invited her and her lovely beau over for dinner and drinks and after the chaos of finding Hugh a new pair of pants before his arrival (don't ask) and attempting to grocery shop (difficult when M&S has  completely cleared out it's frozen section) I'd say it was an extremely successful night (minus the fire alarm continuously going off).

Everyone got on so well (was hoping the boys just might bond), we all had some amazing conversations (in my book, there's very little that can top that), and were all in bed before 1.  We're getting too old for this…. ;)

Can't wait to see this crazy girl again, missed her so much!!



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