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22 October, 2014

To The Door

Good evening buddies :)I'm feeling better, slowly but surely and I honestly can't wait to get into a normal routine!!  Hoping that I won't need to miss being treated like a princess on behalf of my wonderful boyfriend just because I'm feeling better now and that his out-of-the-park cooking skills don't suddenly disappear.  He's been keeping those a secret for over a year now!Housewifin' when the Flu knocks you out for 2 weeks becomes difficult. Thankfully, grocery shopping and online shopping are one in the same these days :D #lovethe21stcentury #sicknotlazy #asdasnumberonecustomerDo any of you have any experience with this? Any company you prefer over another? We did it a few times while we lived in Denmark and although I love grocery shopping (relaxes me, let's me zone-out) it was the same price for more!  The groceries also came in these freezer boxes--some with dry ice, others with pads that were perfect come summer-time if you needed to leave the groceries in the car for awhile.



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