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18 October, 2014

Pumpkin Bag

My beautiful reversible Zara bag FINALLY showed up (extra emphasis on the finally…they're really not good at the whole "easy delivery" thing and take their time regardless of when you asked for it to show up & what you've paid in correlation to that) and it's beautiful :)

I really wanted a durable, elegant bag for autumn that I won't worry about bringing out in the rain (my Burberry's not all too fond of it) that'll look great with everything so when I saw this beautiful bag in a taupe colour AND Orange, I lost it.  I've wanted to get an orange bag regardless of the fact that I have NOTHING orange (one summer dress, one shirt) because it's such a warm, cosy, Halloween-y colour that makes me smile and really puts me in a great mood.

It's super easy to reverse, I don't thick it looks odd at all (you never know) and the taupe colour is perfect!  I'm so picky with taupe colours, nudes as well and how they compliment my skin tone, the shades of my outfit, etc. (I'm a weirdo) but am surprisingly content with this bag and I think it's because it has a bit of a bluish/grey undertone.  It's also the perfect size in my eyes--perfect for every day life and for travel.

The bag also comes with this protective smaller nylon bag that attaches to the tote's straps.  I think it's great that they included this in the purchase so that you have the option of being extra sure not to stain/soil/damage either side/shade of the handbag.

Definitely didn't break the bank either! Available here in taupe/orange, black/red, and navy/yellow:

Loving my adorable, chic new "pumpkin" bag :D

P.S. Couldn't resist letting little baby Boo have a cameo in this shoot!


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